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How To Get Clients To Say ‘YES’

It’s not about the fact that people don’t want to buy, it’s about not wanting to be sold to.

Experiencing reluctance in saying ‘yes’ may be all too familiar in the world of sales; often leaving you with one disappointment after another whilst knowing that you need to reach a certain target by the end of the month. There’s nothing worse. Quite frankly, it’s not about the fact that people don’t want to buy, it’s about not wanting to be sold to – assuming that they’re less intelligent for falling for your sales tricks.

However, instead of approaching a potential client like a sales target, keep the following sales methods in mind the next time you want someone to say ‘yes’:

1. Be a likeable person

In order to make it past the first five seconds of a sales call, you need to be a likeable person, to begin with. Be genuine in your approach and avoid cliché greetings which scream “I am fake friendly” in order to sell a product/service. Remember, customers are more likely to buy from someone who’s likeable and familiar to them than a complete stranger who’s rude.

2. Develop trust

Trust goes a long way, especially in an instance where someone has to hand over money in exchange for a product/service. The best way to develop trust is by becoming an expert in your field. Get to know your product inside out, so that when a client asks a question, you’re able to answer it without any hesitation.

3. Make the customer feel indebted to you

Customers are more likely to say ‘yes’ to you when they feel indebted to you as if they owe you something. Thus, it’s always helpful to offer them something (a gift of some sort) in order to help them first before asking for something. You may have to offer something useful numerous times before being able to ask for something in return, but the investment may be worth the return.

4. Refine your attitude

As a salesperson, you’re going to get plenty of setbacks along the way. Potential customers will be rude, you’ll miss the target at times, you may even feel pretty awful after speaking with a client, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a positive attitude – knowing that you’ll get them next time. Don’t get discouraged. Dust yourself off, pull up your socks, straighten your shirt, and approach the next customer with the same enthusiasm as with the one who happened to say no.

Bonus tip: Bring the performer out in you

By adding the bells and the whistles to your presentation, you’re bringing a unique customer experience to the table. It doesn’t mean that you have to play music in the background and perform a magic trick to get the client’s attention, but you do need to ensure that your ‘sales pitch’ or performance is refined and upbeat – offering a memorable experience in style.

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