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Database Update & Cleansing

Telemarketing and telesales must be targeted to the correct audience, therefore a database update is crucial to any direct marketing initiative.

CareCall understands the importance of updating lists of leads to ensure the outbound call centre team remains busy and a fluid part of the business.

Reach the right audience

State of the art technology

Accurate data recording

Regular staff training

Target clients accurately

Bilingual Call Center Agents

Benefits of Database Update & Cleansing

Updating databases and leads ensures you are reaching the right audience and an audience that is interested and willing to buy your products and services.

Database updating helps achieve goals in a systematic way to empower employees and enforce business strategies. Keeping data up to date doesn’t only mean updating customer details, but it can also mean creating accounting reports, sales estimates, and invoice creation. This makes your database management system an even more important player in the game.


Updated Client List

CareCall has the capacity and capability to contact clients (businesses and consumers) to make sure all your data is up to date and relevant.

Accurate data recording and tracking of said data has become one of CareCall’s specialities. We know your business data is critical in targeting the right people with the right product at the right time.


How It Works

The system you use creates a link between the creation and the management of your database.

Both operations have to work together to effectively run and manage data. Proper data management also equates to more outbound sales being made. Apart from effectively managing the data systems, data needs to be correct. Bad data will only result in badly directed marketing efforts (more time, more money). CareCall guarantees data quality and specific deliverable timeframes.


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