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Call Center Outsourcing

Partnering up with an experienced call center outsourcing company means you can achieve a 100% answer rate.

This will ensure that no grievances, queries or compliments – no matter how big or small – goes unattended. 24/7 service with a smile will be welcomed by your customers as you have more time to focus on your core business.

Increased productivity

Regular staff training

100% Answer Rate

State of the art technology

Bilingual Call Center Agents

More business flexibility

Benefits of Call Center Outsourcing

It can be a daunting decision to make and there are various factors to keep in mind.

Outsourcing call center means lower costs, less time spent training new employees in a high staff turnover environment, increased productivity and more flexibility that leaves you with ample time to focus on business expansion.


Customised Solutions

CareCall offers customised solutions for all your company’s communication needs.

Our agents are bilingual and can speak many of South Africa’s 11 official languages fluently. CareCall will provide everything your business needs for handling in and outbound calls. From infrastructure to management and monthly reporting, CareCall has you covered. One of CareCall’s main priorities is ensuring all staff members are fully trained to ensure your organisation receives top-notch professional representation on every point of contact with clients.


How It Works

CareCall also offers unique recruitment services to ensure you attract outstanding talent with the highest levels of business acumen to take your organisation to the next level.

CareCall caters specifically to your needs – we can recruit specifically (as mentioned) and keep the staff on our books, or you can relocate your existing staff members to our office. We conduct an induction process to ensure your employees settle in well and can continue building your business without unnecessary interruptions.


Outstanding Call Center Agents

A dedicated team, backed by regular training and state of the art call centre technology is your secret weapon to ensure longer operating hours and consistent growth rates.

We can unlock your company’s potential by catering to any level of campaign – inbound and outbound – within your stipulated timeframe. This decision can mean increasing your business through upselling to your current clientele and generating new sales leads and doing more telesales.


Get In Touch

Are you ready to grow your business, make more outbound sales and have the best contact centre agents in your camp? Get in touch today.

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