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Tackle Tickets and Resolve Customer Service Complaints

We live in an era where we expect not only same-day delivery, but same-day solutions to all our problems. This means that call centre agents are tasked with rapidly resolving tickets without letting the quality of their service provided to customers drop even slightly.

To ensure customers still receive top-notch customer service and call centres don’t drop the ball, here are strategies to ensure your agents can effectively do their jobs without compromising on quality:

Omnichannel Customer Service Solutions

Keep in mind who your customers are and what lifestyles they lead. A mom with a sleeping baby might prefer to communicate with call centre agents via online chat whereas a customer on their lunch break at the office might prefer to speak to an agent over the phone to resolve their issue.

The benefits of having an omnichannel customer service approach include resolving tickets faster and resolving a higher volumes of tickets.

Self-Service Options

Any customer care representative will tell you that there are some questions that keep coming up. The basic frequently asked questions can be resolved by diverting customers to self-service options, which frees up call centre agent time to handle more complex problems.
Self-service doesn’t only free up call centre agent time but also assists a customer in finding a solution faster.

Empowered Employees

Endless call transfers lead to customers becoming frustrated because they are not getting an answer in a timely manner. Longer waiting times lead to lower customer satisfaction rates. Empower your employees, especially the front-line customer service representatives, with product or service knowledge to ensure queries are dealt with faster.

Call-Back Technology

Nothing is quite as infuriating as listening to elevator music while on hold. Helping customer B while customer A is on hold sends the unprofessional message that your business doesn’t value customer A’s time. Ensure time spent on calls are productive for both parties. While your agent is looking for an answer for the client, rather call them back with a solution.

Customer service teams need to work smarter and with the right strategies in place, we can help your team tackle tickets.