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Social Media Customer Care

In a digital age, without social media customer care, it can almost be effortless for a disgruntled customer to stain your good name with a scathing review or comment.

Social media customer care cannot be ignored, so CareCall skilled up to handle Live Web Chat, Twitter and Facebook contacts.

Resolve issues instantly

Regular staff training

Guide users easily

State of the art technology

Keep reputation intact

Bilingual Call Center Agents

Benefits of Social Media Customer Care

We know today’s clients are expecting to be contacted via the same channel they used to initiate a conversation and to have their query resolved in real time.

Instant chat services connect customers directly with our call center agents. However, online chat services leave little room for error as chat messages can be kept for an infinite amount of time and can be referred back to. It is of utmost importance that all call center agents know how to handle online engagements and are timely in their response time. The upside to having a conversation on a screen is that it is easier to guide a user through text than voice. Helpful links can also be shared so that the customer can later refer back to those in case they run into the same problem.


Customer Care Simplified

A live chat function allows a call centre agent to multitask.

This is not just a benefit for the call centre agent but also for the customer on the other side of the screen. Even if they have to wait a few minutes while their query is being attended to, they can still continue about their day (or evening) by spending time with a loved one or watching another screen. Since the customer can multitask, the waiting time is often negligible. However, our call centre agents are highly skilled in handling online queries, therefore, you can rest assured that all queries will be attended to.


Why Choose Social Media Customer Care?

Live chats provide a competitive advantage.

In our fast-paced world, the company that gives you the quickest resolution is the one to have and keep your business and hard-earned money. CareCall knows that and will deal with any type of communications on behalf of your business, always ensuring professional, courteous engagement. Your online reputation is in good hands and will remain intact with us on your side.


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