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Convert a negative review into a new, happy customer

Convert a negative review into a new, happy customer

Written by: Carina Vermooten

With digital channels and platforms forming a big part of our daily lives, complaining about a brand has become easier than ever, but luckily there is a way to turn a frown upside down.

Apologize and empathize 

Don’t be tempted to send a copy-and-paste apology to a genuinely upset customer as they will see straight through it. Apathy will infuriate a client even further.

Support agents need to respond as soon as possible to a negative comment or review to ensure the angry customers know they’ve been acknowledged. This will minimize potential damage immediately.

When addressing the issue, be humble, detail-orientated and proactive.

A quick, well-written response will show other potential customers who read reviews that your company takes complaints seriously and cares about customer satisfaction.

Gifts can go a long way

Most negative reviews stem from the customer feeling like they were shorted in some way or other. Offering a disgruntled client a gift or something in return shows that your business acknowledges that they deserved better service and you are willing to provide just that to ensure their happiness. Note that the nature of the gift you’re offering is for example a month’s free service.

Bring the squad

Sometimes support agents might not have the authority or expertise to solve an unhappy individual’s problem. The matter might have to be referred to a more experienced agent or a management team member. The sales rep who dealt with the customer initially also needs to be involved and must send a more personalized apology email or call the client. A unified effort will show the customer that the matter is taken seriously, is actively being dealt with and resolved.

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