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2020 call centre trends to be aware of

Written by: Carina Vermooten

The call centre landscape is shifting and because of AI becoming increasingly prevalent in call centre environments, it’s important for businesses to be aware of all trends and incorporate it into their overall business strategy. Let’s dive in:

  • AI is no longer a novelty

    Technology has always held disruptive power and the latest trend to hit nearly every customer service centre is artificial intelligence (AI). However, AI has been around for years but only now has its innovation become so part of the landscape in call centres that it’s no longer a novelty.
    AI not only disrupted the industry, but it has brought many benefits to call centres such as enhancing efficiency by automatically redirecting complaints and queries to available agents instead of keeping customers waiting for 30 minutes.

  • Digital transformation

    In the past brands used only price and quality to differentiate themselves from their competitors. However, with storytelling still being a huge part of advertising in the modern landscape, consumers are looking for more. Increasingly, they are gravitating towards organizations that are offering experiences that lead to long term relationships. To hone in on this particular trend, call centres need to ensure they work with other departments to ensure a seamless and effective process for the client when they call in.

  • Active on the socials

    With the rise of the popularity of referring to yourself as an introvert, many customers are averse to picking up the phone, calling a call centre and waiting to speak to someone to resolve a tedious problem. Customers expect businesses to offer customer care via their social media channels and that their query will be answered almost immediately. Employing a social media strategy and having call centre agents man your social channels has become a necessity.
    What else do you think is going to trend this year? Tell us in the comments.