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Call Centre Complications: How To Improve Company Morale

There’s nothing better than a free, hearty meal to keep the work blues away. Try it. Your employees will love you!

Working in a call centre can be stressful and often demoralising – having customers upset with the company only to take it out on you. Deadlines need to be met, targets need to be achieved, customers need to be kept happy. However, that’s not always an easy thing to do when your employees take somewhat of a verbal beating every once in a while. Thus, it’s important to keep the company morale high in order to maintain the company’s success.

If you are struggling to figure out how to introduce positive reinforcement in order to improve the ‘feel’ in the office, why not add the following tips to your list:

1. Purchase a chocolate for each desk

There’s nothing that a little bit of chocolate can’t fix. However, you can replace the chocolate with pretty much any type of treat that would please your staff members. There doesn’t need to be a specific occasion to treat employees to chocolate. It’s a simple gesture of saying thank you for your hard work. Keep it small – treating individual employees for their hard work and dedication.

2. Introduce free, quality coffee

Forget about the instant coffee. If you want to keep employees happy and awake, you need to ensure that you have quality coffee in abundance. They shouldn’t have to pay for the good stuff, so don’t expect them to happy with the bad coffee. You’ll be surprised at what free quality coffee can do for your company’s morale.

3. Include lunch every once in a while

In order to treat your employees properly and keep company morale high, it’s often necessary to purchase lunch every once in a while (without your employees expecting it, of course) There’s nothing better than a free, hearty meal to keep the work blues away. Try it. Your employees will love you!

4. Don’t forget to laugh in the office

Laughter is the best type of medicine, even on days when customers are awful and the work load is overwhelming. So it’s always crucial, in order to maintain the company morale, to ensure that laughter plays an important role in the office. Without it, your best employees will disappear. Remember, work is more than just sitting at your desk. It’s about ensuring a happy office environment in order to do the work well.

5. Remember to recognise quality work

Recognition goes a long way. Never fail to praise employees who put in the extra hours or who go the extra mile in order to keep customers happy – even those employees who put in the necessary hours and still maintain to deliver quality work. Without those employees, your business would fail. Share the success and see your employees succeed with you.

Bonus Tip

Random bonuses make employees extremely happy and even grateful. It’s extra money that they may need that you can spare to let go of. Not only does it show that you care about your employees, it also shows that you’re willing to share in the profit. Things like that make employees willing to stay on even if the work days can get pretty insane.

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