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There are numerous benefits to incorporating telesales into your business’s marketing strategy.

Perhaps the greatest advantage telesales provides is increased sales. This powerful tool also provides you with the ability to lock in sales from a distance. Your business has the capability to generate leads and close sales from anywhere. Telesales agents are able to engage with customers on a global scale.

Increase your sales

Engage on a global scale

Sell from a distance

Streamline sales process

Bilingual Call Center Agents

Save valuable time

Benefits of Telesales

Inbound and outbound call centres gives your organisation the leg up on competition.

Telesales are in the fantastic position of generating leads as well as setting up appointments so that sales executives can close deals faster. This simple yet effective method of streamlining the entire sales process will ensure you save valuable time that can be utilised elsewhere in the business.


Why Choose CareCall for Telesales?

CareCall’s expertise in F&I sales has opened up many doors into all types of sales; from the advertising space to online learning, we’ll tackle any product.

CareCall has its’ roots in Finance and Insurance telesales. With adherence to the South African Financial Services Board rules and regulations, all types of sales are held to the highest standards. We take special care to ensure all call centre agents are fluent in two or more languages, which means customers can converse freely with our call centre agents.


Generate New Leads

We are also aware of the power telesales have in generating hot new leads. .

CareCall knows that nothing is worse than pursuing cold leads that ends up wasting staff’s time. By providing a team with warm leads, call centre agents can fine tune their closing prowess to achieve new heights of success. Our more experienced call centre agents can pre-qualify customers over the phone which ensures more sales in the long run.


Why Choose Telesales for Your Business?

In an inbound and outbound telemarketing environment, telesales are the life blood of the business.

Businesses have consistently benefitted from this form of marketing and sales method since the 1950s. Telesales and telemarketing are still popular and highly effective today, as we can attest to. Although CareCall ensures that highly trained and efficient individuals man contact centers, we are meticulous when it comes to tracking and reporting. All results can be measured to the smallest details which allows us to amend scripts and sharpen strategies to ensure you get maximum results.


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