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Teach agents to upsell and cross-sell

Upselling and cross-selling is a huge opportunity for companies that are often overlooked. However, it requires extensive training of agents to tactfully spot opportunities and act on them when they arise. If customers are made aware of the full range of products and services your business offers, it can enhance the service your team provides.

Here are some tried and tested techniques call centre agents can utilize to drive up sales:

Solve problems first

Your assigned call centre agent must resolve the client’s problem first before broaching the subject of other products or services. Solving the customer’s problem builds trust and helps agents to understand the customer’s needs, which allows call centre agents to offer helpful, relevant solutions and anticipate issues.

Identify sales opportunities

Train agents to listen for clues for possible opportunities. Abrupt, out of the blue sales pitches can agitate an already irate customer.

Provide value

Always demonstrate value to the customer and how it can improve their daily lives. If an agent can solve a problem, understand a customer’s needs and identified a possible opportunity to upsell, it’s the perfect time to make a pitch. Instead of just listing the features of a product, connect the customer’s needs to one or two of their interests. The more relevant and specific, the more likely the chance of a sale will be.

Call centre agents are service orientated and they should be. Sales might seem like a foreign idea to them that falls outside of their job spec, especially because some individuals don’t want to seem rude or pushy. However, if you consider cross-selling opportunities as an extension of the service your business already provides, it will make sense to your team.