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Most Important Call Centre Technology Trends in 2019

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives that is slowly seeping into the crevices ofour work lives as well. Companies are continuously leveraging the latest tools to optimize their customers’ experiences.

Let’s look into 2019 and assess which technologies will continue to change the call centre landscape.

Intelligent IVR

IVR (interactive voice response) has been a call centre staple for many years but as the technology changes, we will see advanced IVR systems directing callers to the right outcome they’re searching for. Speech recognition will allow a system to identify the caller’s words which then funnels the caller along to the correct department.
Rather than putting customers on hold and in a queue, IVR will gather data and identify which department a call needs to be directed to.

Advanced self-service tools

We’ve all scoured the FAQ section of websites to find specific information. Innovative call centres will offer creative solutions such as a comprehensive website and live agents who are clued up on the product and web content.

Analytics tools

More call centres should embrace analytics tools to improve their customer service and other services offered by the company. Important analytics that need to be monitored more extensively include usage stats, customer feedback, hold times, calls handled and calls resolved. With the use of more intensive analytics tools, call centre agents’ performance can be measured better and common problems clients experience can be identified.

Cloud communications

Cloud-based databases and systems can ensure that call centre agents can start working remotely, which will empower companies to expand their call centres and employ more agents. This opens a bigger talent pool and provides access to the most qualified agents rather than just the agents based at the call centre.

Omni-channel will become the norm

We’re all dependant on our smart phones, laptops and tablets that connect us to our businesses and others we support. By delivering seamless omni-channel services to customers to keep them connected and in the loop with their queries, orders and products, issues will be resolved faster.

It’s relatively easy to adopt a unified service and streamlining communication solutions.

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