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The Future of Call Centre Technology

Technological innovations can help raise the stakes in terms of customer services and relations. According to the 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, technology has been a top enabler to positively enhance customer experience in the last five years.

However, technological adaptation is still slow across the globe with the report stating that as much as 41.9% of organisations stated their infrastructure is not yet aligned with business and customer needs.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, customers now expect to be able to contact businesses when they need to and via the method they choose. Therefore, businesses should be vigilant about new technological trends, which encompasses omni-channel solutions.

By offering customers omni-channel experiences, it ensures better service is delivered by keeping the experience smooth with minimal disruptions.

From Switchboard to Motherboard

Another trend that was uncovered by the report showed that many businesses are making a slow transition from switchboards to more digital services.

It is critical to set up digital strategies as customers now want more web chats, mobile apps and social media messages instead of picking up a phone and giving a business a call. Even leads are now coming through new platforms that wasn’t prevalent a few years ago such as social media and website queries.

Cloud Technology

Society is increasingly moving away from paper as a whole and embracing cloud technology. Think of your office at the moment. Chances are your company is currently making use of some sort of cloud technology to effectively store documents or to share information and documents with employees.

The call centre landscape is changing fast and businesses should keep up with the technology of today and of the future to ensure their customers are receiving the best possible service.

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