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Phrases Call Centre Agents Should Avoid

During the course of the day, call centre agents will have hundreds of conversations with hundreds of customers, which makes the phrases they shouldn’t say to clients easy to forget.

Here are the phrases call centre agents should steer clear of:

“No problem”

What’s the problem with this phrase? It can make customers feel like their query is indeed a problem or that their issue is being diminished, which can aggravate already irate individuals.

“As I said”

In a work environment that turns the philosophy of the customer is always right into a fine art, it’s extra important to remember not to utter this phrase. Difficult customers who are refusing to accept or are having difficulty understanding the information that is being conveyed to them can take this as the call centre agent belittling them.

“I don’t know”

Of course, nobody has all the answers all the time but this phrase can make a customer feel like an agent isn’t giving their query the attention it needs to be solved.

“Hold please”

“Hold please” can be interpreted as being dismissive and doesn’t give a customer the choice or a chance to respond. Call-back technology is a helpful tool to use in this specific situation as it shows the customer the call centre agent cares and is taking time out of their day to resolve their issue.

Do you have any phrases to add to our list? Leave them in the comments below.