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Pros of Outsourcing Your Call Centre

At CareCall, we offer customised solutions for all your company’s communication needs.

A dedicated team, backed by regular training and state of the art technology is just some of the highlights of working with us. However, it can be a daunting decision to outsource your call centre needs. In this blog post, we’ll list three of the most notable benefits to outsource. This will aid you in deciding whether it is the correct move for your business or not.

Lower Costs

Outsourcing is attractive if your company is looking to cut costs during this economically trying time. As a business, you can save money on training and hiring as staff turnover can be extremely high in call centre environments. Another area where you can save a couple of Rand is not having to spend money on capital investments such as new telephones or call centre software as we are already fully equipped with the infrastructure.

Increased Productivity

It is imperative for a company to have an efficient customer support department. However, having a successful customer support department to handle complaints and queries efficiently is no small feat. With our services, it will soon prove to be a moot point on your agenda as we can assist with telesales, client care, incident management, online management and database updating and cleansing, which leaves you to spend more of your valuable time focusing on other tasks.


With over 20 years’ experience in the call centre space, we understand that many businesses experience call spikes due to special promotions, bad weather, the festive season and more. By enlisting our services, we can take care of the added customer service cases without you having to hire, train and then end contracts with workers.

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