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Will Clients Find Your Business Online?

Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone. - Unknown.

The online presence of your business might be more important than you realise. If potential clients can’t find your business online, they might never know you exist.¬†With some online presence, your business is more likely to get noticed by potential customers or clients. Consider using the following ways to get your business noticed online:


Social Media

Choose wisely which platforms you want to use for your business, as it isn’t necessary to use all of them. Unattended social media is worse than no social media at all, and managing your platforms will take some time. Choose one or two platforms you feel will support your business best, and update them regularly.



With each blog post you add, you get another indexed page on your website, which means you have one more possibility of driving traffic to your website via search engines like Google. It also gives you something fresh to post to your social media platforms. Having a blog on your website gives you more authority, helping your customers reach a decision.


Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is very important for your website to be picked up and displayed on search engines like Google. The better your SEO score, the higher your website will rank; and the higher your website ranks, the earlier it will display in search results.


Google AdWords

AdWords is the platform Google uses to advertise on its networks. When someone searches for your keywords on Google, your clickable advertisement will be displayed on Google’s networks. You can also use AdWords to market to specific people, like people that visited your website previously.


List On Google My Business

You can create a free Google listing for your business on Google My Business. When someone searches for your business or a business like yours, your business will show up in their search results if the area they searched in is relevant to your business.