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The Five Best Things About Working in a Call Centre

Being a call centre agent is more than just reading from a script, developing a fake laugh and throwing in the occasional “great” or “fantastic”.

CareCall knows that our greatest asset is our passionate people and rather than just a transient job, our call centre agents are enthusiastic about their chosen careers and helping our clients.

Here are some of the reasons why our agents chose a career with CareCall:



We offer our employees plenty of opportunities for growth and career development. From roles within the call centre such as team leader to quality control and training, our employees can choose where they want to steer their career paths. This also offers our clients a variety of skills to choose from for their call centres.


Heaps of training opportunities

Apart from initial induction training on product training and customer service and sales skills, our employees have the skills to unlock success for your business. Additionally, our call agents are keen on developing themselves further.


Team work makes the dream work

Whether it’s working the same shifts or the enormous focus and pressure call centre agents work under, team building is a priority and one of the building blocks of a strong work dynamic. We ensure that all agents are equipped to resolve conflict and are able to work with different personalities.


Learn transferable skills

Being a good call centre agent is a gift. Learning to deal with difficult customers, turning a negative into a positive or upselling a product is a unique specialist skill that not everyone has. These skills are special and they will come in handy in all industries. CareCall agents are geared to take challenges on headfirst.


Job satisfaction

Every business is different, therefore every call centre is different. From help desks to emergency lines, each can provide an enormous amount of satisfaction for the call centre agent. Good service can brighten up a customer’s day enormously.

Let us help you increase your profits, grow your business and extend your business hours.

To get in touch, click here or send an email to info@callcentre.co.za. You can also give us a call on 087 7000 979.