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Technology Will Make Call Centres Stronger

A bright spotlight has been shone on AI in recent years as many systems and processes are becoming automated. Concerns are mounting that AI could ultimately make the call centre obsolete. However, according to the advertising and marketing advisory firm BIA/Kelsey, calls to businesses are expected to exceed 169 billion by 2020.

While that staggering prediction suggests that human-staffed call centres aren’t going extinct, there will be challenges to deal with. Complaints are unfortunately part of the makeup of running a business – those aren’t going anywhere.

Train Employees Differently

Traditional call centres as we know them are trained to deal with a specific set of problems customers tend to face. However, working in a call centre can be an overwhelming task and some queries pop up more often than others. If a call centre agent has to deal with such a query, time is wasted looking up the solution instead of just having the solution on hand. This leads to the system jamming up which creates customer frustration.

In future, automated systems can remove this barrier. AI and chatbots can resolve nitty-gritty issues while call centre agents can be trained to become a specialist in a particular field or subject. This will allow queries to be resolved better which will make customers happy. Happy customers are returning customers.

Technology is changing and will continue to do so. The call centre will become one of an organisation’s most potent weapons. With the predicted 169 billion business calls, businesses will definitely need competent teams who are specialists with exceptional interpersonal skills.

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