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Game Changer: Using Customer Service As A Marketing Tool

Customer service is often not seen as a marketing tool of any sorts, which is not unsurprising as it appears that the two departments and their goals are very unalike.

However, these two seemingly different business functions have significant overlap and are key to a marketing strategy. Here’s why:

Customer Engagement

It’s imperative for businesses to build and foster a sense of community with their customers. It’s effective because it allows a company to build brand loyalty and improve on image, which is also why a call centre agent needs to take their interactions with clients seriously. A bad customer experience has far reaching consequences for an organisation.

Content Ideas

Marketers are always looking for content creation ideas. As call centre agents are always in touch with customers, the customer service team is a treasure chest of content ideas, especially success stories and happy customers who are willing to share their experience. Sharing a satisfied client’s story builds credibility.

Buzz with Brilliance

A contact centre can boast with going the extra customer service mile as negative stories are, unfortunately, abundant. The added benefit of your call centre creating positive vibes is that it’s free. Call centres don’t have to spend a fortune to create a potentially viral experience.

A recent example that has been making headlines is the story of the South African petrol attendant who helped a young woman late at night with R100 after her car broke down. The story went viral and without a doubt the petrol station and fuel company benefitted immensely from their employee not only being a kind human being, but helping a customer in a time of need.

Consider marrying your customer service and marketing strategies. The two departments can have a symbiotic relationship where both parties can mutually benefit from positivity.