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surviving in a call centre

Tips For Surviving In A Call Centre

Being a call centre agent requires a special type of person to handle the high demands of this environment. Someone with a thick skin, extreme perseverance, and a love for excellent customer service. A call centre isn’t a happy, slow-paced place to work and customer service agents are some of the least appreciated members of society. Surviving in a call centre is not always an easy task, and many agents get discouraged quite easily.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. - Arthur Ashe


Surviving in a call centre


Don’t take it personally

Call centre agents almost never answer a call and receive a compliment. The default emotions you deal with on the other end of the line are frustration and anger. Whether the caller needs you to help them fix something or they have a query about a payment, they’re not directing their anger at you as a person. It takes a special type of personality to truly understand this and not get demotivated. However, if the angry customer feels like you’re making every effort to help them, they will cool down quickly.


Take regular breaks

Call centres are very competitive environments. Chasing targets might make you feel like there isn’t a moment to waste if you want to make target. But after a while of concentrating, your productivity levels will start to drop and you will be less efficient. Take regular breaks to freshen up; whether you need to take a walk, smoke a cigarette, or make a trip to the coffee machine to increase your happiness-levels. Besides, staring at a computer screen for hours on end doesn’t do anybody much good.


Have a greater goal

Don’t see your job as a call centre agent only as something you need to pay the bills. This is the quickest way to get demotivated. Look at the bigger picture – maybe this is a stepping stone to start building the career of your dreams; maybe you’re a brilliant salesperson in need of some hard-core experience, or maybe you really care about people and helping them solve problems. Whatever your reason, find one that would inspire you more than just chasing targets and listening to angry customers.