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basics for a call centre

Basics For A Call Centre Setup

Having a proper set up call centre plays a very big role in the productivity and general feeling of wellbeing of your agents. When you have all the right tools, it will show in your metrics. But what are the bare basics for a call centre to be run successfully?

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Basics for a call centre setup


Proper chairs

Call centre agents spend significant amounts of time behind their desks and you want them to be as comfortable as possible; not irritated because their backs hurt. Also, if they have to get up and walk around because their chair is uncomfortable, you lose calling time.



Having nice headsets can have a positive impact on the frustration levels of both the agents and the clients. Nobody likes to struggle hearing someone over the phone. Opt for noise-cancelling headsets, and consider having them cordless if your agents like moving around while talking to clients.



It’s not necessary to buy the most expensive gaming PC on the market, but you do need computers with proper processing power. There are few things in life as annoying as a slow computer. Not only will it frustrate your agents, but it will also have a bad influence on their productivity. Plus, it will irritate your clients if they struggle to get the help they require.


Automatic Dialler

An automatic dialler is one of the basics of a call centre and will significantly increase the productivity of your agents. They won’t be wasting time between calls. The short transition time will also improve the overall performance of the call centre.


Cloud solutions

Running a call centre on a cloud solution has numerous benefits. As long as you have a stable and fast internet connection, you have everything you need. There is no installation needed, so there will never be any software issues. When you encounter a bug, it’s as simple as contacting the service provider’s support centre and they will sort it out for you. Agents can log into their accounts from any computer, and all the data is backed up on the cloud.


Call recording

Having recorded calls is a very valuable tool in a call centre. It is especially helpful in disputes, as well as being used in training. There are different options for call recording: Silent listening, sharing a call, and recording the call to be stored. Managers can listen to agents’ call recordings to detect stress, gaps in training, and opportunities for growth.


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