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outbound call centre metrics

Outbound Call Centre Metrics

Outbound call centres refer to call centres that make calls to their customers or clients, and even potential ones. They typically do cold calling to leads or they have to collect debt from customers or clients. Outbound call centre metrics will be a bit different from that of an inbound call centre. Usually, their function will be focused on sales or on collecting money.

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Outbound call centre metrics

The following metrics are mostly specific to outbound call centres that focus on sales:


Lead quality

This metric focuses on the sales side of outbound call centres. The better the quality of the leads, the more sales you will be able to make. The sale would depend on how “hot” the lead is – the hotter the lead, the more likely the sale. If the leads actually wanted you to call them, for example when they fill out a call request form on your website, they are considered a hot lead. Cold calling means that the lead didn’t explicitly give you permission to call them and you got the number through a referral or through a partner company.


Total call connects

This is the number of times an agent gets connected to a lead. This can stem from an inaccurate contact list. An agent doesn’t get connected when a call doesn’t get answered, the number is inactive, or is sent to voicemail. It can also stem from improper dialling procedures; automatic diallers can assist with this.


Lead nurturing

Agents should always aim for a first-call-close, but sometimes a lead needs a little bit more nurturing to become a sale. An agent should be well trained to handle the situation if it becomes evident that they’re not going to close the sale with one call. If they push too hard (like in our quote at the beginning of this article), they might lose the sale, but if they just let it go, they will also inevitably lose the sale.


Conversion rate

The conversion rate refers to the relationship between the number of leads and the number of sales. The more leads you can convert into sales, the more successful the call centre will be. If the conversion rate is low, it could either mean that the lead quality is low or that the agents need more training.