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Customer Satisfaction in the Age of Instant Gratification

Customer satisfaction in our modern age where information is at our fingertips, is becoming an art form many businesses are struggling to perfect.

It’s easier than ever to know when your clients are experiencing problems with your product or service. With our fast-paced lifestyles, consumers don’t hold back on lodging complaints or letting their followers and friends know that they are disgruntled and immediately want answers.

However, customer experience (CX) is not just about cleaning up a mess efficiently. The journey starts way before a complaint is lodged – in the foothills of the psyche.

A need or want is crystallized in the mind. After an in-depth Google search and sorting through a plethora of reviews, opinions and options, a choice is made. The consumer starts using the product and if broken, a repair or refund is sought. If the experience is good, engagement with the brand continues. However, if things go south, the customer may leave and make a fuss or simply disengage with the brand.

Stand out from the crowd

To reach and engage customers, brands must deliver at least one of the following aspects: novelty, delight, a form of greater health or wealth, improvement in a business process through cost savings or time, increase in quality, organization or convenience, and/or a vision or mission that compels the customer to take action, whether in the form of a purchase or by gainful influence with others (Forbes, 2015).
CareCall devotes a wealth of manpower to optimizing your client’s experience as well as constantly fine-tuning our process to check all your boxes as well as your client’s.

Getting it right

Customer experience is a gateway to innovation, greater profits, fewer refunds, repeat buyers and a relationship building tool between you and your clients. It is no longer a luxury but a critical priority for any business.
We are dedicated to ensuring your profits are increased by constantly training our staff and ensuring they know your product inside out.

Reinventing Your Crisis Strategy

Should a crisis occur, be as transparent as possible and acknowledge when you’ve failed. It is imperative that you espouse your mission and values daily. Solve problems immediately and follow up with clients. Hire individuals such as the CareCall team who will always listen to your clients.

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