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Small Business Tips: Focusing On Sales

No one said running a business is easy. In fact, it’s probably one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. If successful, you’ll reap the rewards in more ways than one. In the meantime, though, your goal is to make sales. We get it. Without sales, you won’t survive. However, have you ever thought of the impact you may be having on your employees who aren’t necessarily completely in charge of making those sales?

Make a customer, not a sale. - Katherine Barchetti


Where are you going?

When asked what the company goal is or where you see your business in 5-years’ time, the obvious answer is bigger, better, and more successful than this current moment in 2018. Of course, you can elaborate and go into detail, but it all comes down to selling and growing your client base. However, there are ways to do that without drilling sales down your employees’ throats in the hopes that there will be more tomorrow.


Turn customers into your sales pitch

Make your customers work for you by offering excellent service or delivering quality products. As this should be the case regardless, you might as well take advantage of the situation. Happy customers will only have good things to say about your company, in which case it would be wise to invest in customer service training to improve your employees’ skills.


Invest in product development

Sure, employees can add a spin to an existing product in order to make it seem amazing, but there’s only so much you can spin before the client realises the actual truth. You need to spend enough time and money on product development to ensure that your product can basically sell itself. Remember, your company is only as good as your product/service, so start there.


Company growth has more going for it than just sales. By ensuring the above-mentioned tips, you’ll avoid creating unhappy employees and forgetting about some of the other important elements of running your business.