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retain talented employees

How To Retain Talented Employees

Due to certain circumstances, employees can get discouraged and lose interest in their surroundings and lose track of the main purpose behind why they come to work in the first place. It’s important to keep employee engagement up during those times in order to keep productivity going and to retain talented employees. If not, you may face some tough times dealing with the consequences; fixing poor quality of work and perhaps even finding replacements when employees decide to find greener pastures.

Talented employees stay because they are: Paid well; appreciated; listened to; promoted; involved in decisions, mentored; and challenged. - extramadness.com

Instead of just blaming the employees for wanting everything, consider for a moment how you would feel if you were in their shoes; and just because you would be happy with the little they have, remember that they don’t own a company. Here’s how you can drive employee engagement in order to retain talented employees:


You have to celebrate employees

The right employees will take your company from a mediocre establishment to something you can truly be proud of, which is why you absolutely need to celebrate those who go the extra mile, and even those who may need a little bit of inspiration to perform better. Go loud. Go bold. Announce it to the whole company if you must. It may sound looney but you’ll be surprised at the results after the fact. Nobody likes doing work and not be commended for it, and reinforcement will always reap more positive results than punishment. Some people live on compliments and it wouldn’t cost you anything.


Give back to the community

Enable employees to feel part of something much bigger than themselves. Become a socially responsible company that gives back to the community. By working for a company that cares about more than just its own pocket, employees tend to give more time and invest more effort into making things happen, instead of knowing that all efforts are solely going into looking after the company. A company that shows that it cares is a company worth respecting and bragging about. Wouldn’t you want your employees to be proud to be associated with your brand?


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