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Top Qualities of a Good Call Centre Agent

Hiring a phenomenal call centre agent is critical to your business and its image. Regardless of your list of prerequisites, it’s helpful to know exactly what makes a successful agent.

Here are some of the top qualities our top CareCall agents possess:


Memory of an elephant

A call centre agent’s top priority is selling products but also to provide high-quality support to customers. Agents need to be able to learn fast and memorize vast amounts of information about the clients, products and your company.


Attention to detail

Agents often answer the same or very similar questions on a daily basis which means that the job can become monotonous for some. The danger in that lies with complacency. Agents can easily fall into the trap. Make sure that agents check in with customers to ensure their issues are resolved to their satisfaction before ending the call.



Agents need to be diverse in their skill set. Not only can they handle dozens of calls, they can interact with customers who have challenging personalities. Agents should be able to roll with the punches.



Always remember that call centre agents are the frontline of your company. Make sure that agents project a warm and friendly image that customers will rave about. Agents need to be able to maintain positive.



Call centre agents shouldn’t get flustered easily. Being a call centre agent is a tough job and it is hard to maintain a consistent positive demeanour when an angry client is shouting at you over the phone. A good agent keeps their cool with the person on the other end of the line and will not let a frustrated caller get to them personally.


Communication skills

Call centre agents should have top-notch communication skills as a large portion of their job is to speak to callers and sort out issues. Effective communication is just speaking. It involves listening to the caller and finding a solution. The agent should also speak clearly.

We’ll help you grow your business with talented call centre agents who possess all of the above mentioned qualities.

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