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retaining talented employees

Retaining Talented Employees: Discussion Continued

In our previous article, we started the discussion on retaining talented employees. You can start by asking yourself if you would’ve stayed if you were in their shoes. Here are some more tips on retaining talented employees:

You hire a great candidate and dream of him becoming a top performer, which he eventually does. While you think all is well, his resignation lands in your inbox. - Accuprosys.com


Train them well enough to leave…

Provide learning opportunities within the workplace where employees can improve their skills and grow as individuals. Not only will it keep them motivated and interested in what they’re doing, it’ll also make them feel invested in; which in return will encourage them to invest more of themselves. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a job that provides you with no challenges and no new opportunities. Everybody wants to feel like they are moving forward in life; never ignore an employee who asks for more opportunities.


…pay them well enough not to want to

Along with providing constant training opportunities to those who want to improve their skills, you also need to ensure that employees are paid well enough not to want to look for greener pastures. As much as we’d all like to receive a pat on the back for our hard work, we also need money to pay the bills; whether you’re the CEO or cleaner. Be reasonable when offering a salary amount in order to prevent good employees from looking elsewhere. Being a small company or a start-up is no excuse for not being able to pay competitive salaries; rather have fewer employees with higher salaries.


Provide employees with the right tools

Ensuring that employees have the right tools to succeed in their specific job roles will allow them to excel in what they’re doing. There’s nothing more discouraging than trying to do your best at a job that doesn’t provide the necessary tools in order for you to succeed like you’d want to. Employees may have the will to excel, but simply can’t due to limitations. This includes fast computers, correct software, proper chairs and desks, and enough time to complete a task.


Remember, employee engagement starts with treating employees the way you’d like to be treated. Provide a positive learning environment where they’re accurately compensated for their efforts and celebrate those who go the extra mile. We all want to receive recognition where recognition is due, don’t you think?