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Fun Things To Do When Stuck At Work This Festive Season

Here are some fun things to do when stuck at work this holiday season!

Different companies have different policies about leave during the festive season. Some companies close and require their employees to take leave. Others require employees to work each day, regardless of whether it is a public holiday or not. If you have to work, here are some fun things to do when stuck at work this holiday season:

A note to employers

When you require your employees to work through the holiday season, some of them might be upset that they don’t get to spend time with their families. Although it depends very much on the industry of your business, consider these tips to keep your employees motivated during the festive season:

Consider relaxing strict rules

Many companies have very strict rules about times and dress codes. Consider allowing your employees to work flexible hours (or even shorter hours) and dressing more casually for a set period of time during the holidays.

Have a holiday lunch

Consider providing your employees with a free lunch on one of the holidays. Get them involved to decorate a table and have lunch together. It doesn’t need to be an expensive lunch – something easy like burgers or pizza would suffice. The important thing is to make an effort to get everyone involved in the holiday spirit. If you have the type of business where you can’t have everyone away from their desks at once, consider splitting them randomly into two or three groups to have lunch together.

Let employees pick a charity to support

In the spirit of giving, have your employees nominate and vote for a charity they want to support this festive season. Get everyone who wants to be involved give a donation, or allow them to spend some working hours volunteering at the chosen charity. Get involved yourself by matching the funds they raise or adding an amount for each amount they raise, or go on the outing with them.

Recognise employees with a small token of gratitude

Your employees will feel very appreciated if you show them a bit of appreciation. Give them something small like a card with a personal message, a bar of chocolate, or a voucher they can use.

A note to employees stuck at work

Although you don’t like the idea of working while everybody else is laying around on a beach somewhere, don’t do anything that will get you in trouble. Rather discuss with your employer the possibility of bending the rules slightly during the holidays. Don’t watch movies, decorate the office, come in late, or consume alcohol at the office if you know that it will upset your employer. Consider these ideas that won’t get you into trouble while you’re stuck at work:

Have lunch with a different person each day

Often, we work with a whole office full of people, but we only really know one or two of them. Go around the office and ask your colleagues to participate, and randomly choose a person to have lunch with each day. Take lunch you can share with your assigned friend to make it even more interesting.

Throw around kindness like confetti

Chances are that everyone else stuck at your office is feeling pretty low themselves. Cheer them up with giving a different person a sincere compliment each day. Compliments are free and you will probably make someone’s day.

Play a board game

Place a board game (chess works well) in the communal area of the office. Place the pieces in their correct starting positions, and make the first move. Find a way to indicate which side’s turn it is, for example with chess, write “black” and “white” on opposite sides of a sticky note, and turn the note to display the side that should make the next move. Leave it there for anybody who passes by to make the next move!

Use the whiteboard to do quizzes

Give everyone in the office a heads-up about the game. Write a random general knowledge question on the whiteboard. No Googling allowed for the answers (you’ll have to trust everyone to be honest here), but try to find some interesting questions and see what answers you get.

If you’re completely alone at the office, however, that’s an entirely different story.