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Equipping Staff For Customer Service: A Manager’s Role

Whether your business has a dedicated customer service team or not, being able to serve your customers properly is a very important part of a business. The staff need to be able to handle customer service, but managers also have a very specific part to play in equipping their staff.

A manager’s role in customer service

Although the manager might not be directly involved in customer service, they need to equip the staff adequately. When the staff has the means to resolve customer queries, your customer service will be of a higher standard.

What can a manager do to equip their customer service staff?


Give them the right tools

The correct software can give customer service staff like call centre agents a head start in serving the customers. The software should display the customer’s personal details while the agent is talking to them to avoid asking them the same questions, especially when they need to be transferred to another department.


Train them properly

Your customer service staff should be trained well to empower them in solving customer queries. They should have excellent knowledge of everything your company offers. There shouldn’t be any questions they can’t answer – if they don’t know the answer by heart, they should know where they can find it. Answering “I will find out right away” is always better than just “I don’t know, sorry”.

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Self-help options

To lighten the load of your customer service staff, having self-help options available to customers can help a great deal. The best place to have it is on your website where it is easy to find. Choose between self-help, FAQ’s, and troubleshooting sections depending on the nature of your business.


Track staff productivity

Tracking the efficiency of the staff, especially call centre agents, can show you if there is any room for improvement. When you notice that agents spend too much time trying to resolve a query, you can find a way to help them.


Create the culture you want

Managers have the power to make or break the company culture. If your customer service staff does something wrong, how you choose to handle it will influence the way they handle each other and even the customers. Be careful not to inspire a culture of refusing to help and yelling at one another.