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customer service tips

Customer Service Tips For Call Centre Agents

Now that you know why it is so important to care about customer service, let’s talk about ways you can achieve it. Here are some customer service tips for call centre agents:

You do not need permission from a boss to make a customer feel great.

Learn to listen

Many of us tend to listen only to be able to reply, not listening to understand. When you are talking to a customer, they need to feel that you are really trying to understand their query, whether they have a problem or just need more information.


Clear communication

Don’t just talk to your customer as if you care; actually care. They will be able to tell whether you’re really interested in assisting them or if you’re just waiting for them to go away. Focus on explaining to your customer what is going on, especially if they need to be transferred to another department.


Angry customers

By the time a customer gets to you, they might already be feeling very helpless and frustrated. The customer might yell at you, even if it is the very first time you speak to them. When you assure them that you will help them and really try your best to get their problem sorted out, they will quickly calm down.


Use positive language

Avoid telling a customer what you can’t do and tell them what you can do. Telling a customer that you can’t assist them will only fuel the fire. You need to work with them to find a possible solution. Really try your best to solve their problem. If you need to go out of your way to get an answer for them, be happy to do so.


Speed vs quality

No customer wants speedy service if it’s going to miss the mark. Try to respond to queries as soon as possible, even if only to tell them that you will investigate it in detail and get back to them. This prevents the customer from feeling ignored, but gives you time to give them a proper answer.

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